Growing Up A Reader

2018 – 2020

Growing Up A Reader aims to understand children’s and adolescents’ perspectives of what it means to be a reader in the 21st Century.  In addition, we are interested in their reading habits and why they choose to engage with different text types.  Growing up a Reader is an interdisciplinary research project (Education, Psychology and English Literature), in close collaboration with Scottish Book Trust and Edinburgh’s Museum of Childhood.  Integral to this project is our participatory approach to research.  In 2018 we trained 12 primary and 10 secondary school students to join our research team and interview their peers about their reading. Details of this project can be found on our website and more resources/content will be added as the project continues.  Growing Up A Reader led to our more recent project – Tackling the drop-off: Understanding the Teenage Reading Experience.

This project was funded by a Challenge Investment Fund grant from the University of Edinburgh.  If you would like any further information about this project, please contact Dr Sarah McGeown: